Broadband is, oh so slow, on Kings Hill

After 14 months I am getting used to it, but I couldn’t believe that a modern, seemingly hi-tech development like Kings Hill would have such a terrible system.  There’s not great news either, unless you have never heard of Quickanet, a not-for-profit business on Kings Hill that offers a self-sustained wireless broadband service for Kings Hill to some residents that can receive it via their rooftop (I think, don’t quote me but I know high rooftops can stop you receiving the signal!).  BT is introducing an ADSL2 servce laster this year but apparently that won’t solve the problem.  There’s miles of broadband cabling built into many/all of the houses up here but no-where to connect it to, and no-one that wants to invest.  We need our own exchange.

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  1. I have an install date of 3rd January(my 12 month sky line rental expires 29th dec).
    Have gone for unlimited with BTvision as have cancelled SKY tv(no more Murdoch)
    Had a long coversation with BT yesterday and was told that I should be able to get infinity but won’t know until they try and install it
    I said what if I cant get Infinity,well we can give you normal broadband and I will get £500 compensation and slow broadband

  2. BT Infinity Install completed today with little or no fuss
    Down 37.5 and Up 8.00
    BT engineer stated there were only 100 slots in the cabinet, and we were the second install from that cabinet

  3. Infinity installed next week. I was unsure about switching but sky BB is too slow. I am curious as to how good the BT vision is

  4. Can the next person who gets Infinity see if the engineer who installs can give any idea on the rest of the rollout in Kings Hill?

  5. I spoke to the installation engineer a few weeks ago and I recall he suggested that the new build area over Discovery School way had yet to be included. I guess the problem is who on earth do you ask at BT, who like a lot of major companies, are very difficult to get to someone able to let you know. It’s all ill-informed call centres.

    I have fibre purchased through Plusnet. It works consistently at about 37 although the “up” speed is only around 2. My monthly limit is 120 compared with the BT option for that service of only 40 and Plusnet seemed better value for money. They also are “easier” to deal with than BT. The set-up is still done by BT engineers. I had Plusnet before the upgrade (as well as Vfast) so it suited me to drop Vfast and stick with Plusnet.

  6. Mark, the BT engineer said that the central part of Kings Hill is all going live now with new streets being added each week. The more distant parts (from the centre) will take longer.

    I posted this on the other thread:

    I just got installed less than an hour ago with Infinity 2.

    When ordering BT had quoted 58Mb, but the actual speed achieved is very different.

    Pleased to report that I have just tested on at 75Mb down and 16Mb up. An amazing ping of 5ms too, which is great for gaming 😀

    The engineer’s test showed 80Mb is being delivered at my router. King Hill finally comes out of the communications dark ages 😉

    And this is all at 4pm, so a fairly busy time for ISP’s.

    Finally, the engineer told me that an upgrade is planned to deliver 300Mb down, but the timescales are not known. All these 75Mb – 300Mb speeds will be available from alternative ISP’s too, such as Sky, soon.

  7. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know when “fibre to the premises” is being installed in Kings Hill?

    PS. I’ve noticed that the 75Mb down, 16Mb up speeds remain consistent no matter whether I test at peak or quiet times of the day. It doesn’t get any faster (or slower).

  8. I bought my BT Vision with me when i moved in November and its as good as it was in Tunbridge Wells where i was before. Very good.

  9. I am waiting infinity to be available at my place to swicth to BT…

    So far, reading on this forum, I’ve seen excellent experience from infinity customers. But today I looked at website with Kings Hill postcode entry. I am shocked to see how awfull the speed is in the evening ? It’s the same as cheap poor adsl lines ?

    Is this true ?

  10. Chris, no reduction in speed for me. It’s always been v fast with Infinity 2. That site you linked appears to be reporting the usual slow ADSL speed, which is not what you get on Infinity 2.

    The slowest speed I’ve recorded over the 3 months is about 65Mb. It is almost always 75Mb though, no matter the time of day.

  11. We have recently moved to Kings Hill from East Malling because we believe it will be better for our children growing up. I was astounded to have gone from a 60meg broadband connection in EM to a maximum of 1.5meg in Kings Hill!!! This alone has nearly made us move back because the impact on our family is great.

    Moving to Kings Hill is like moving back to AOL dial-up of a decade ago and Im not sure if any of you realize how much but your children will suffer because much of the learning today is through video streaming, which is virtually unusable here.

    Im sure we will ‘forget’ how much value decent broadband adds to modern life soon too, but this is not good enough and something must be done…

  12. Hi, Martin,

    Welcome to Kings Hill. As a newcomer you will be forgiven, but there are pages and pages and pages of posts about this on the forum, and the solutions are well documented as being BT Infinity, CallFlow (who I am with) and VFast, all offering superfast broadband to Kings Hill. With CallFlow, I get 25Mbps down. Many people with BT Infinity have speeds not too far from your East Malling speed with one I recall posting 74Mbps. I don’t agree that more needs to be done, other than perhaps those down the far end (Oaks Hamlet and thereabouts) where BT Infinity is not being rolled out for now.

    As for do any of us realise how much our children will suffer from slow internet speeds, yes, on the whole we do realise, and so have put superfast broadband in our houses to overcome this.

    Hope you can find a suitable supplier for yours.

  13. Martin,

    See my post immediately above yours too. I’ve got Infinity 2.

    I can now state that the slowest speed I’ve recorded over 6 months is about 65Mb. It is almost always 75Mb though, no matter the time of day.

    So, even in peak periods, I get 75Mb on

    Lack of speed is simply not an issue. It is also incredibly reliable. The most reliable internet access I’ve ever had in fact. I can only recall one outage in 6 months, but it lasted a couple of hours.


  14. Hi Jas and John

    Thanks for your replies. That is how my BB was with Virgin Media but I am told that the 1.5mgps is the fastest we can get at our new house (which is over 5 years old I am told) which is down near to Discovery School. I have now just signed up with SKY but was wandering if anyone knows when things may pick up down here is there is anything that can be done?

    Many thanks,


  15. Martin

    BT Infinity have finished with West Malling exchange – so it will be a long wait if you want them I am afraid.

    Have you tried Call Flow they go towards Discovery whereas BT do not – and they offer a radio service as an alternative as well.

  16. I do hope that’s not the case Tommo, although I suspect your right, BT is a joke.

    I have just found a really interesting link by chance which I believe shows all the BT cabinets in Kings Hill and which ones have been upgraded to fibre.

    Hopefully you can all see the map as it shows a roll out job half done by BT. I’ll take a screen shot as I’m not sure BT intended it to be publicly viewable!

  17. Spoke to BT again today as I have been trying to get Infinity for 2 months now, the news is that BT wholesale has given a date of 7-8th of May for new ports in the exchange box, I have been mislead by BT a few times so I don’t trust what they say but I believe it will be done in May.

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